Hi friends,

I have seen inception movie. I cant believe it!! Its a fantastic movie. I cant imagine the imagination of Christopher Nolan! But really, please don’t miss that movie. The great experience of life after I have seen ‘Avatar’. I loved those steps which were mysterious, not ending anywhere!

The people most likely girls who are very very romantic and sen-ti may don’t like this movie because its all about dreams

For a while, in movie, I also thought like “No, this is a bad dream”. I also love dreams but after this movie, once you will surely think that no, I don’t like dreams more!!

I am also a science student and wherever there is an article about dreams in news paper or magazines, I used to read it anyhow. Up to now, I didn’t get much about science of dreams and the reason behind that. But after I saw the movie, I really learned many scientific things about dreams which is true in real life…

Anyways, science students will love this movie. But ya, one last thing,

I am not writing all this in my dream!!!!

n hey, are you reading this in your dream, huh??


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