rAkhi dAy ~~~@~~~

India is great country where people celebrate many holly festivals. One of such festive is called “Rakshabandhan“. This is a festival for brother-sister.

Unfortunately I don’t have brother in my family so I don’t get to celebrate this day usually! But on this secular “Rakhi day” I really had a best experience! I would say that this is a real feel of “rakhi” I tied for the first time.

In our office, there is a kind watchman who asked me to tie rakhi on his hand as he had no sisters. Thus when I tied rakhi to him he went emotional and insisted me to accept a small gift. This was little odd for me as I was not expecting anything from him but as he insisted a lot, I had o accept. I never received any gift from a brother till date so it was wonderful for me and I really liked it. We had little conversation then about his family. He was  a good fellow indeed who tried to make everything good out of his  miserable life.

After a while I was back to work, I felt contented while working for rest of the day! I sensed that real happiness in my heart! Once again I realized the value of helping others and so ourselves. Little things make me happy truly:)

Sometimes we are not aware about greatness of people around us and we keep on searching for ‘great people‘!


6 thoughts on “rAkhi dAy ~~~@~~~

  1. dis is called a true feelings for a rakhi as u tied a rakhi to ur watchman without caring abt ur status n level…m really impressed from ur thinking…. 🙂

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