I love the day
when you meet me..

image source - iconfinder.comI love the time
when you talk to me..

I love the minute
when you look at me..

I love the moment
when you admire me..

I love the way
you are for me..

I love myself
when you are with me!


5 thoughts on “Adoration

  1. Again good one…same ppl change with time…at starting his/her love is everythng 4 him/her and after sometime d same one becomes nothing…..

    May be bcoz some1 said dat u sud change with time…

    1. Yeah true. Actually each emotion, each relation changes with time. That’s true.
      Even if we don’t wish so, it happens naturally. Change is constant.

      But one thing is sure…whatever the situation is its only us who can change it..
      Only we can smell a fresh fragrance of love in life if we want.. we have to make our own world for it!

      1. u r absolutely right…bt m saying d same that “I” cant do anythng,,for that minimum requirement of “WE”..if “WE(plural)” want to change then only its possible otherwise “I(singular)” can’t do anythng…. 😦
        hope u got d point…e.g. we cant clap with 1 hand…

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