i gAve you…

I gave you my eyes,
that see u…

I gave you my arms,
that hold u…

I gave you my mind,
that always think of u…

I gave you my heart,
that beats for u…

I gave you my soul,
to steal me from myself…

The poem is for a girl who wants to be loved by his lover. She wants to give her everything for his love!! When there is a true love, you will feel the dedication of your love!! The unconditional love newer expect anything from his / her love… Little little things may hurt in beginning but this love when converts in to a matured true love will be more and more strong!! As told that everything is fair in love and war..its really true that you misunderstand your love, quarrel with your love, cry (“emotional atyachar”) and you do whatever you like but you cant hate your love in any condition!!


6 thoughts on “i gAve you…

      1. sure…i will read all ur posts…u jst keep posting…specially in this section/category all articles are very nice…so evn i want to read more & more & more….

        1. Thanks again for your kind wording..
          Actually this category is my favorite and i post in this wen something really happened or i memorized or something from heart u an emotion type section…so not decided wen i will post but i will continue of course…

  1. Thanks a lot!! I also get rush in my veins when I see comments like this from you lovable readers!!

    keep it up and I will write for you people!!

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