no one knows whAt love is…

What this feeling (of love) is??

Sweet moments of someone or memories of past ?

Few jovial seconds or path towards grief ?

Smile of Present or Weep in future ?image source -

Searching a true heart or losing your mind ?:)

Beginning of ‘love’ or ending of friendship ?

Flying in the sky or falling from the high??



5 thoughts on “no one knows whAt love is…

  1. Hi Archu

    I think love is mixture of emotion and satisfaction which may produced by many sources like

    affection, humbleness, innocence, purest, nastiness, victory, lust, other’s grief and desired dream or fiction..

    I think its mankind’s choice to have love from many sources.. pick one or more and live in love…and face is its consequences…but i guess peace is beyond love because it doesn’t carry any emotion … there will be no consequences of any…

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