whAt mAkes you hAppy at job?

Why this question??

Because I was wondering that what it is that exactly which makes us really happy at job!

When I was pursuing degree, I was hoping that I will get a best job as I was doing my best at times. When I completed my studies, I came across a totally different scenario! Like many of you, I also suffered from a “fresher syndrome”. Even in family, all expect a lot from us when we complete some higher level studies. Especially your father will expect something as he had invested on you:)

I was ready to step in the market but unfortunately couldn’t grab a good job at that time. We were not privileged with placement facility in our Uni. Eventually after some trial errors and disappointments, I also appeared for a simple job post in a very small company. I dreamt of joining a high paid job somewhere in MNC obviously according to what my dad invested in my higher studies.

As few days passed, I was little happy but I was worried about family needs!

Even if we make our mind to hear up with such situations, its quite hard often to explain others! Like many other frustrated people I was also cursing companies, people and education system now.

Six months Later:

Gradually, I came across things and issues in office which I never thought of. I set my mind to fight against all these odds. During recession I felt lucky enough and somewhat proud on myself as I was having the job at least. I dealt with numerous people and various critical phases during the tenure. I wondered sometimes –
Is it the situation that makes you happy to have a job even if its not of your dream?

Is it the TIME which shows you that nothing is easy in life and you have to struggle a lot to have your dream job?

If you cant get your dream job either, convert your current job in your dream! As I was progressing quickly I succeeded in all my task assignments and career goals. I found myself and my abilities! My skills and my interests. My strengths and weaknesses.

I loved to learn things on my own. I am always ready for challenges. I was leading myself, I learned a lot even from mistakes and experiences, I was initiator. These qualities make me stand out always in any ordinary job!

I grew professionally, cultivated that maturity and passion. Worked hard. Ultimately in the journey of white collar world, I got my dream job with all my efforts and will power or determination. I worked with small startups and MNC level of organizations and always raised myself as a shining star! I also got best appraisals in 6 months! I also had better facilities (which as a fresher no one got in that company!) at workplace.

So is it your package numbers that makes you happy in job?
Is it high-end infrastructure, place, bonus or lucrative persks which may make you happy?

These are the things which can obviously make you happy and feel better at any workplace though but they are of second priorities.
Also, these things are of no use if you don’t enjoy your job profile; or even after performing best, you don’t get bonus/promotions or in worst case annual appraisal!

So, I believe, it’s only ‘work satisfaction’ in your job which makes you happy and keeps you going! Materialistic attractions are for shorter period. Change your direction if needed! Do what you love to do. Create and achieve your goals. Be empathetic to people around you. As said,

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

3 thoughts on “whAt mAkes you hAppy at job?

  1. i think we could not be happy with our job and work because it can stop our growth and improvement. so always enjoy your job and work but please don’t be satisfied. just enjoy your work.

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