strAnge night

We were returning from an International Seminar held by Nirma University, Ahmedabad. It was around 12 AM and we were on the roads of  this heritage city for the first time!

“Its so dark and I cant spot any auto on the way” my friend gasped in my ears.
“Lets see what happens. We will keep walking until we see any auto rickshaw over here” I answered in a serious and tensed tone.image source -

We had reached in the city just a day before that day to attend a seminar and were late in returning at home. We stayed at my uncle’s home there which was remarkably far from the University. We were strange in that city and were not able to find our way back to home.

Although bus and cab service was available from Nirma University to drop students at various stops. But as we were not aware about any single route, we faced this trouble once the bus left, dropping us alone on a gloomy road at night.

There were only few people on the roadsides and we pretended to be brave girls while walking!

After a walk of few minutes, we saw an auto coming towards us. We felt relaxed inside but neither of us was sure what to do next.

“Here is an auto, call him please.” I asked my friend finally.
“Auto….” she yelled upon and it appeared slowly towards us and eventually stopped.

We were hardly able to explain about our destination. Seated in.

As we were  traveling through, the auto driver started murmuring something odd which we couldn’t understand. We were scared and didn’t dare to answer anything. He raised his voice gradually and we were still silent looking at each other. All we could do was counting on distance, praying and trying to see some familiar roads to our way.

After quite long distance, suddenly auto was stopped and a gentleman scrambled in our auto. That man was quite tall, bright and seemed polite from his face. He asked us where we were going and thus started conversation.

We both unbent and explained hastily about the situation thinking we may get some help or better idea to reach back home.

He said, “you are going on wrong way my child, this auto man is drunken. Cant you see that?”
We froze on our seat. We could not utter.

Eventually he guided the driver throughout the way and we reached our destination.

That kind fellow also got down from the auto with us and talked with that dunked driver. The conversation lasted few minutes with unusual talks between them. Once he finished and auto drove far from us, that unknown kind man walked towards us. We looked scared, froze and confused at time.

Later he managed to call my uncle from his phone as such we didn’t have mobile phone those days yet. Eventually, we saw my uncle walking towards us crossing the murky street. We were not even able to see clearly due to blackness and dim lights on the road.

We headed back with my uncle towards home after few minutes.

We summarized about entire incident and pointed him towards that gentleman who actually helped and almost saved us that night.image source -

Jerk! As we turned back to see him, that gentleman was not there! We quickly searched around to find him and more importantly to thank him for his kindness but all in vain! We tried to see as far as we could, but no one was there. We were not even sure about how and when that fellow disappeared from our sight!

Later, we kept walking with my uncle who sounded “not interested” to hear more about the person who helped us…!

That night, I was engrossed in thoughts and couldn’t sleep till late. Was that a form of goodwill on this earth? God’s fellow? Humanity? Illusion?

That said, I believe humanism still exists!

3 thoughts on “strAnge night

  1. Really interesting story, I faced the similar but not same problem, that time only one thing in my mind was that if we doing good and help someone who really need it then god always with us . Keep writing 🙂

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