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Have you ever felt something is missing in life? Have you ever felt that you are the most lucky one of all with roses along the way but still with an emptiness somewhere?

A controversy can be – Either we achieved something which we never dreamed or we might not get the things we desired.

An Incident:

There are three girls in a room of an apartment. All working in different fields, each with her own laptop. They live casual life mostly, routine, Nothing special! They attend office daily and get back to their shared room in evening, take dinner and then dig in to their own laptop screens.

Girl1 is a daydreamer! Girl2 is bold and cool. Girl3 loves to live life like a child in her way.

Girl1 feels that she is the happiest and lucky girl in all of them but still finding something – don’t know what, where!. Mostly finds the way to escape from the group of friends. She prefers to enjoy on a secluded beach.

Girl2 doesn’t prefer to speak much but she is very kind and a good listener! Likes both isolated state as well as being in a group of friends.

Girl3 being more of social, likes to hang out with friends, messing around and so on. She is more of emotional than others two. She enjoys bringing people together and having fun as a group but plans never happened due to different schedules of her other two roommates.

Time passed away, days passed and so on… They still have the same routine in their life! How sad!
For Girl3, this is most boring phase now. She thought why they are not so “close friends” even if they stay together since so long, why she can’t go out with them on weekends or hesitate to share her personal life to them?

Finally she decided to change their boring routine life.

One fine evening, Girl3 was back and it was a Friday evening. She brought a simple camera and started a photo shoot suddenly in her room as she entered. Others two were busy in their own laptops as usual in some work or some entertainment, trying to fill their loneliness with social medias or such stuff.

She started anchoring introductions of their friends loudly and hence both others surprisingly noticed her.

Initially they were little disturbed but Girl3 continued to break the ice between them. Gradually they indulged with the flow, first time not on laptop screens but with one another. They clicked girlish snaps, danced together on music, recorded silly videos and fun started entering their mind and thus their lives too!

They shared, laughed, cried, hugged and now they are “close friends”!

Girl1 thought – is this what was missing in my life? Was I scared to share my feelings? Was it so easy for us to be friends?

This is a very simple story which is common now a days in our lives. Sometimes we may have good people around us but yet we try to find other people elsewhere depriving ourselves from initiating or communicating with others resulting in loneliness. There are very few like Girl3 in the story who prioritize relations, friends and not the digital world! She realized that she has to be a creator to develop that affectionate environment in her room. Rest of both girls might be thinking same but couldn’t do anything, might be uncertain of what to do, what others will think or carrying that ‘they wont understand me‘ feeling, or due to irresolute nature?

Whatever reason could be! Lets not try to blame “TIME” always. More often we never try to make ourselves happy, actually! We may have those best friends around us and we might never noticed them?! That emptiness in our life can be filled up just by making others happy, trust me. Always put some efforts to make yourself cheerful & jovial, you never know life can be more thrilling than what you living it as now!

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Don’t try to run away from your life, situations or problems, don’t wait for that ‘someday’ to live the life you always desired. Just be simple, take it easy, chill and be happy! Communicate and make good relations.

Don’t postpone living!

Go around and see people and sometimes you will realize there are those who dream of the life you are already living. There are such people who are unwillingly or helplessly alone. Do not loose hopes and be positive. Do good and feel good because ‘feeling good’ factor is directly proportional to your health.



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