those little pAls…

Have you ever felt something is missing in life? Have you ever felt that you are the most lucky person having roses on the way but still empty space somewhere?

These are the things (feelings?) which I think every one of us passed through once in life. If we have achieved something which we newer assumed or the things we thought to have and we dint get…these are the 2 contrast situation when we may have above situation/feelings in our life. Let me tell u a short incident.

There are 3 girls in a room of an apartment. They work in different fields but each having her own laptop. They have casual life daily, that is as each one of us having..Nothing special! They come daily at room in evening and take dinner and dig in to their own laptop.
Jamie is a daydreamer like me! Harlish is cool in nature and Anie likes to behave in a childish way always as she is younger than all.

Jamie thinks that she is most happy and lucky girl in all of them but still finding something and don’t know what, where!. They all have good tuning with one another. Harlish doesn’t like to speak much but she is very good in nature and a good listener! Jamie likes to go out with friends, roaming around just as nothing and so..
She always insist them to make a plan for picnic/DJ etc but things never happen by planning! (I believe so!) She tried to get together with all her friends but all are busy people u know!

Time passed away, days passed and so on… They still have the same routine in their life! How sad!! For Jamie, this is most boring and disgusting that why they people never even go out on Sundays, why they are not so close friends even they stay together since so long… Each one of them just talk about doing some ‘get together’ or excitements or taking snaps etc but in vain like ‘khayali-pulav

The day came… Once Jamie came in evening on a Sunday with her camera and started a photo shoot suddenly in her room. Everyone was busy in her laptop in some work or some entertainment. Trying to fill their loneliness with FB or so..

Finally all get involved in snaping each other, doing those innocent ‘masti’, some funny pics, videos, dance etc. The day was fantastic for all of them.
Anie said, “Now I feel that m not alone here!” and Jamie just smiled with great happiness in her heart.

This is a simple story which can be a common in many lives. Sometimes we have many people around us but still we find friends elsewhere and cant be initiative of talking with each other, sharing our lives etc. There are very few persons like Jamie now a days who still like to be attached with emotions, relations, friends! She understood that she has to be an initiative to develop a smooth environment in her room, not for others, but for the sake of her own happiness..

Friends, we all know that we are busy in our own life, but if u feel alone sometimes, try to find the things around you positively. I am sure u will definitely find one person with whom you can be a friend! From above story at least we can get an inspiration to be happy and not try to blame “TIME” just because we actually newer tried to make ourselves happy! We may have some good people around us and we never tried to even notice them! That emptiness in our life can be filled up just by making others happy. Remember, if you try to make others happy, you will be automatically refreshed and will surely feel happy in heart! Donn say always “let it go yaar!”, u may not know life can be more thrilling than you have it right now!

Donn try to run away from your life, situations etc, don’t wait for someone to pamper you and make you happy, just snatch those sweet pals from your life.

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