A wedding night!

“Hey Keira, are you in a mood to eat that same bun tonight? This *** hostel cook is cooking same dish daily you know!!”
Misty came upstairs with pale expressions, expecting negative answer of her question!

Usually we all know how badly we miss our mom and her food in hostel/Uni life!image source -

“Not at all!” I replied quickly.
“Lets get out of this hostel right now and grab some delicious dinner!” Misty insisted.
“But where? Have you got a new boyfriend to treat us or what?” I asked teasing her.
“Whatever. But we are going somewhere Okay?, I don’t know where. You suggest!”

We both muddled for a while…

We both were masters in making pranks and breaking the rules in our hostel!

I was sitting by the window and was searching something outside from the 6th floor of our hostel, just in a lose hope that we might be called upon by some prince (like a fairy tale! Though my mind was thinking more about Misty’s “some” boyfriend as she had new “boyfriend” every Sunday just to treat for dinner or ice cream!Wow!) down steps and we would go for a gala dinner!:)

After few minutes, sound of some music in surrounding struck my ears and I got the wild Idea!!image source -

I said hastily “Lets go in that wedding party!” pointing towards a nearby party plot where some grand wedding was in place. I thought Misty was gullible person.
Misty looked at me with concoctions of feelings – eager, surprise, quick, wide open eyes, confused of what, why and how I was thinking about!

I narrated the plan then.

After half an hour or so, we prepared ourselves (and our minds!) to go in that unknown wedding party! Like in movies, we were thinking that it would be an adventure with fun!

Later, as we reached the destination, standing in front of the entry gate of that wedding party, were thinking of how to enter with real action and no fear! Eventually we entered in a fabulous grand party.
Wow! Roses, lights were surrounding gracious entrance and climate was so pleasant but thrilling too. Seemingly, we assumed it must be a rich party for some rich couple from rich family! Many four wheeler were passing along our way while we were entering. Slow soothing music was enchanting both of us! I think we were in my fairy tale! First thing we looked around curiously was to see the food arrangement as we reached at the end of the long entrace. As expected it was mouth watering enough. We were roaming around for a while to feel that we are part of this grand function, our hearts still biting oddly!

We were waiting to start that tasty dinner process and rush home hastily. Finally that moment arrived. Wedding was over. We enjoyed well and moved towards the caterers. We were confused from where to start. As like others, we followed the rest of the crowd.

image source -“Hey Misty!!” one serious kinda male voice banged our ear as we finished half of the dinner including soups, starters.
We suddenly stopped chewing and hands of nibbles half the way for a moment thinking who can call us here??
We raised heads to see that gentleman’s face!

For a second, my heart skipped a bit! Why would anyone in this party know Misty? How is that possible? Does she know him? Who is him? and so many questions cluttered my mind obviously. I imagined few demons and witches in my fairy tale now!

Crap, why there cant be any fairy tale without a villain, I mumbled.
Why I had this silly, stupid idea in my mind and so on, I started cursing myself somehow?

“Oh, uncle! How are you?” Misty started a formal conversation with her ‘villain’ uncle. He was wearing an elegant nice tie and black suit!

My pale face still looked like a bloodless cell of body!

Obviously we were feeling guilty when her uncle asked undesired question “Whom do you know here, from whose side you are?” Although Misty answered with an another fake story that “the bride is our best friend” LOL:)
Hilarious! we had not even bothered to see bride’s face even once since we entered the function!

Finally, after satisfying our hunger, we exited the door. We felt everyone looking at us strangely! May be, may be not!

We just laughed and enjoyed that thrill when we crossed that street. We reached back to the hostel feeling very happy for enjoying gala dinner.

After an hour, back in our room:
“Hey you both, aren’t you in a mood to take dinner today?” Our Hitler mam (hostel in charge!) opened the door of our room and asked.

“We both looked at each other…(like we were caught)” I was again sitting near that window in my fairy tale which had “happy ending” just before an hour!

“NO”, after a while we both answered loudly!

She, finding herself clueless, slammed the door! I winked at Misty.

And…again a horrific idea sparkled in my mind…:)

Enjoy the risks, break the fears, have fun with hostel life and college days!

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