onion AttAck!

When I hear about Onions, one humorous incident flashes in my mind. It goes like this…

Past days, I was staying in one Swaminarayan religion Hostel. Thus we were not allowed to eat ONION (lucky these people, no need to worry about onion price!) or garlic. I am fond of onion and garlic as if its my staple food! The reason is I love spicy food.

After joining this hostel, initially, I tried eating that tasteless meal without onions but unfortunately it couldn’t last longer. I started thinking of some tricks where I can eat onions with my dinner:)

Finally, I brought some grams of onions (that time it was so cheap!) and kept at a safe place in my room. Hiding onions those days made me feel like onions were some precious stones!

Next step was to eat it in front of hostel staff who were against eating onions – creepy aliens! So I fine chopped one or two onions and hid that in a small bowl covered with plate and ate mixing it with sabzi provided. I was successful:) Gradually, I was used to do it frequently! I thought its very easy now. No one here is bothering about me and my Onions!

One fine night, I repeated the same, went downstairs for dinner. I mixed chopped pieces with that boring ‘sabji ‘ provided by hostel maid. I used to take care when I pass by those aliens (those onion villains) as they can easily smell it! This had been my usual habit.

But that night, don’t know why, hostel in-charge was constantly keeping his eye on me as if he knew what I was eating. I was lost in thoughts of how would I rescue myself if caught. I was feeling like I am a terrorist in this hostel! Somehow, I made it..and I mixed it in bowl of ‘sabzi’ and finished dinner..I think without chewing properly:)

The way I ate, probably, they frowned! Though to finish my dinner was the only priority for me, ignoring his expressions! After 20 minutes or so, I was in elevator quickly after dinner and damn, he came inside too! For a moment I was aghast and couldn’t even smile back when he smiled. Onions stink and he could easily smell its odor if I try to open my mouth or talk to him. Speed of the lift, that moment, sounded like snail! Poor me!

Eventually, I reached the destination (believe me it was like climbing a mountain without breathing) and rushed in my room. As I shut the door of my room, I exhaled heavily evacuating ONION smell out of my mouth!

Its not over yet…someone knocked the door while I was collecting those onion peels in a plastic bag. I opened the door, keeping that crucial task aside, and………… our Hostel Keeper/chief was there to inspect our room!

You can imagine what could happened, I was saved fortunately but I quit ‘onion chapter’ from that day. Hilarious!

4 thoughts on “onion AttAck!

    1. Ya thats true!
      Even the things which don’t get focused usually became quite popular very easily!! 🙂

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