Recently, I read a book “One minute Manager“. Its really a one minute kinda book. You can read it quickly as its a short story. Its all about management. So people who are interested in management/leading will like the book. It highlights a basic but important rule about management.

Somehow, as we grow, our choices differ with the situations/environment around us. Weather we like or dislike ‘managing’ becomes a part of our life. Successful Management is not so easy. Housewives are pretty good in management. πŸ™‚ If she is a working woman, I bat, she must be more powerful in business/handling than her spouse! Anyway, its always good to embrace a change in life.

This also reminds me of a Bollywood movie “band baja barat“. I really enjoyed that movie but when I saw one of my friend organizing a corporate event in real life, I didn’t enjoy πŸ™‚ Its not such fun!

Once we commit to take any responsibility, it goes seamless. Gradually it becomes our habit, routine and then Life! Its not a simple task to handle even a home or a small team in an office as you would be facing many challenges! Have patience and move on wisely, sometimes take risks.

There is no such rocket science to do it all successfully at one shot so go with the flow, be positive, explore your skills, manage time, take care of your health first, spend time with family and it all goes well.

Your mind knows everything, but your heart knows only YOU! So jiyo dil se… πŸ™‚

Happy to Hear...

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