sAving A wAter melon!

First thing. I am not providing any tips to preserve watermelons! LOL!

Its hot summer, and we cant resist to eat a dish full of watermelon when see them on the road side, right? mouthwatering? Its good to eat one plate of melons in hot season than eating any junk food at night.

But I and my roommate recently passed through a hilarious incident of “watermelon”. Let me share it here.

My friend brought a huge raw watermelon considering it a healthy and tummy filler for both of us! We chopped it in nice small pieces in a huge bowl and ate few of them. Rest was kept in refrigerator. We thought of eating half of the melon next day.

Next day, I was still outside and my friend reached at flat.. In the evening, as she was hungry, she opened the fridge to eat some pieces of stored melon and…… BLAST!!

No, no… fridge didn’t blast! I was talking about her anger which was more like a blast for the first time! Some other girls in our flat stole the melons 🙂 And only 1/4th of the melon was there for us!! Poor we!!

The funny and interesting thing, for me in this event, was watching my roomate as furious because I had never seen her like this earlier. Then she wrote a sticky note on that bowl which I wont share here:) This was quite ridiculous!

Furthermore she wrapped up a bowl, along with a note on the front, with transparent sellotape. When I went home, opened fridge to eat melons, spotted that bowl and laughed like hell. I mean who and why would someone steal fruits?:p

Later that night she thought of “saving melons” in fridge with few funny slogans… Some of them are as below –

1) Anyone who touches this bowl will not come out of toilet next day!!
2) The girl eating these melons is …***
3) If you eat this, your boyfriend will *** another girl
4) Donn be a poor beggar just to eat something

We laughed together for few minutes:) If you have any trick to save fruits in the fridge from cheap people please post it here for my friend so she may use it next time:)

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