insight into decision mAking – II

Its said that, “A leader has two important characteristics; first he is going somewhere; second he is able to persuade others to go with him” which is absolutely true, I think. There is a minor difference between a “Boss” and a “Leader”

Boss will say – Go!
Leader will say – Lets Go!

Leaders don’t create followers like Boss, but they create Leaders! An ideal team leader or manager should have the ability or influence to create a leader. Let me tell you a short story…image source

A 25 year old girl is working in a software company. She is very intelligent, honest and humble. She has always been appreciated for her duty. All management staff there is happy with her work and her attitude. She is paid enough for this but not enough to build her life and her dreams yet!

She was super fast in completing assignments. She had few predefined goals in her life. She was very happy with her job and satisfied but gradually as time passed, financial crisis of life increased. With a very happy current job it was not enough to full fill her own dream. She desired to explore her skills with more exposure in her field and settle for the best!

As it says “Where there is a will, there is a way”  she got an interview call from an international company having branch in Mumbai. They offered her a role of “Team Leader” with a huge enough package!

At first glance, like any of us, she was tempted to go there, prosper her career, to spice up her life with her dreams. Eventually she was getting something she dreamed of. There were many lucrative advantages and inducements as it was MNC. Now, she has to leave the current job, where she is all satisfied, to grab the new opportunity. She kept on thinking and thinking…rationally, sensibly…all possible aspects.

She thought enough and appeared for the interview. She was selected! What can be a correct decision for her? To leave the highly satisfied job and profile and struggle again with new venture?

She denied the offer of relocating, highly paid package and that designation.

Ultimately she realized that its not important what your designation is, but what knowledge and experience you carry for that is! How satisfied you are with your work profile. How you are able to manage work life balance. Its not actually what we desire, its always what we deserve!

Before taking any important decision of your life, its very important to respect your own instincts and ethics! Life is full of opportunities if you have the talent but how to take it, is up to YOU.

P.S. Currently, that girl is a Manager in her field with the same company and living her dream too!

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