jingle bells *~*~*

From home to home and heart to heart,
From one place to another,
The warmth and joy of Christmas,
Brings us closer to each other.

A letter to great father from a daughter!

To my greatest Dad,

The lovely joyous Christmas is coming up!! We are prepared to celebrate, enjoy and have fun once again in life! We are trying to be happy and create the same environment we had earlier in our home. We know my papa loves the happiness in his home and hate tears!image source -

Papa, you taught us to struggle in all the worst situations of life, to inspire ourselves from them, to fight with the troubles of life. We all are waiting for more such advises! Mom is waiting for you still, why don’t you come back?

I know, this is childish, but this is all because of mom! She is not ready to accept the reality. May these jingle bells and Santa come in her life to bring a true smile on her face! When I talk to her, I can’t feel anything in her words! May be after sometimes, she will be normal as she was?

Almost all the moments in a day, you cant be forgotten! I am trying not to remind a little of you, but sometimes, I cant resist myself from those ugly tears in my eyes! I always try to escape from all these sad memories, the days in past months and trying to make myself most busy with whatever is there! Unless I feel sound sleep in my eyes, I used to spend my time doing something, but still , somewhere in every moment, I thought of you, though not shared with anyone! I felt crying many times but I resisted myself. I avoided talking about you with all, even our family.image source -

But I believe, as you taught, bad days will pass soon! Will this be possible dad? I cant hear you? I just wanted to talk many things with you like I was doing always. Whom should I tell this? I need my dad to hear me, pamper me, to advise me, to have those endless talks we had till date!

Will you come as our Santa to gift us? I don’t know, somehow, I believe that your are there with me yet, or may be I am not accepting the reality yet…

Merry Christmas to you dad,
Your hero…

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