vAlentine speciAl

Writing after a long time!

I loved one recent TV ad for 7Up which made me cheerful! It’s Hindi version is like below:image source -

Muh latkake sitting sitting,
Kya rakha he nothing, nothing..
kya he jo he missing missing,
Thodi masti taht is the thing,
I feel up up up,

Refresh your heart & feeeeeeeel up…!! πŸ™‚

Here is the lovely video –Β

Today, once again, a lovely day reminds me of my dad and his great LOVE!
Since morning I am hearing and watching many songs, quotes, stories about love in newspapers, FM, TV, internet, magazines and so on. The feeling of Love can alter any situation in one’s life.

While watching others enjoying or celebrating, it seems that the season of love has arisen! Now lets go and we also enjoy with these young couples. Red color, today, is the most prominent as a color of love. Wear red! Feel it, rock it, smell it and listen to it! Listen to music of love.

I heard from some singles that ‘what they have to do today!’
I would say, love can be for anyone or anything. Celebrate the day by doing what you like! That’s also a happy sign! Express your love to someone or something! Do something which you never did. Express love for family or friends.

Just have red colors blow around you, feel the love in air, go for outing/party or anything you like. At least dance in your own room eventually!! Yes, the celebration can be anything and with anyone including your single self. Feel upbeat, rise up.
image source -
If you have some one special in your life, don’t even miss to tell them… Just say it all, whatever it is and without thinking about any results! Just be happy and enjoy the love in nature! The true loving spirit of yours is enough to do all the commits.

Lights in city, young crowd at night, red balloons, red colors everywhere! Watch these and be delighted. Find a reason to enjoy and expressing your love. Live for your love today and you will have a sweet lovely memorable day added in your life!

Some creativity can also charge your mind and your Day! Like,

  • Create your own greeting card for your love,
  • Grab some cakes, ice cream or chocolates,
  • Draw something for your love if you are good at it and gift it,
  • Arrange some surprise party, go for DJ,
  • Do the deeds what you like and what you wished since long,
  • Listen to songs, music at the best place of yours,
  • Spread your love through newspaper, cards, flowers or FM radio,
  • Dedicate a song for your love or sing it if you can,
  • Blow balloons/lanterns in the air,
  • Buy some red things,
  • Go on a long drive

Hope you all have a great day today!! Happy Valentines Day…

You can share how you want to celebrate your special day or how you did it! IΒ would love to read it:)

14 thoughts on “vAlentine speciAl

  1. I celebrate it with my family and friend(s).
    I gave beautiful/colorful roses and gift to my wife and kids. And I gave chocolates to a friend! πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Archi Nice Thoughts….. πŸ™‚
    What if some1 do not have that courage to say those 3 words to the special one………

    1. Yeap, Very true!

      Those shouldn’t love. also if someone says those 3 words easily – it doesn’t mean he/she is in true love! πŸ™‚

      It doesn’t have any specific definition but, below is one I believe:
      Love is to do everything which is possible for someone, and be with him/her forever in any good/bad situation… there should not be any expectations in love.

      With expectation, it doesn’t work for life time! πŸ™‚

  3. Dear Archi i wasn’t talking abt my self,
    BTW love just happens……..
    whether u want or not……. no choice………….

    1. Dear, now a days…its mostly like the people fall in love…even if they are aware that they will…so for them this is true that they should have that courage to express in front of world or better they dont fall…

      You know, its said that boys cant express their feelings usually in front of gals they love…so this is by default very good for those boys who can just fall in love but cant express it in front of world later on…:) so eventually good for those gals also…! πŸ™‚

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