What a topic! Before you think, let me clarify, I am not talking about TEA break! Its T-break! T break stands for “Temporary BREAKup”!

This term in itself is quite interesting like hot Tea sips! I think most of us passed though these situations! Its all about various small fights we have with friends, family members, spouse or bosses!

This happens! Usually, we take such situations in a negative way. Here I think, we can take this positively as your BF/GF/BFF or spouse may be seeking for some change:) Dear, we are humans and we always seek for a change knowingly or unknowingly!

If your spouse is willing to go out with friends sometimes and not YOU, do not frown upon, let him/her go! Its hard most of the times as people are not so credulous but trust me it can not reduce the “Love for you” in his/her heart!

Though, major role here will be of mutual understanding. Its good to give some space to your partner. Don’t be over possessed! We all very well know that possessiveness/insecurity/doubt is a very common reason of ‘breakup’ now a days! I had observed that breakup is typically because of a very small/silly matter. Every individual has his/her own personal life perspective. If your love and trust is strong enough, nothing can break that feel! So don’t over react and over think on surplus typical situations with your partners please. This simple rule can prevent many breakups or even divorces!

You must be habituated for a ‘coffee’ or ‘tea break’. Thus you must know this is for short time and to refresh our mind. Lets correlate this ordinary concept in relationships also. Occasionally we may have ‘T-breaks’ in phases of life but try to take it lightly and positively:) If you cultivate this habit, there can be good chance, your partner will gradually adopt this nature of yours and he/she may changes his nature too!

We all need friends in our life so its really not a big deal if we spend little time with them and get rid of partner for a while. Yeah!

It gives you new feeling, like a joyous venture! I have heard a fragile fact – these days, social media is also being one of the reason behind breakups! How come it can be true?! Really?

There must be NO way so our online world should overwhelm our offline world!

Think over T-break folk, its always ‘T-break’ and not a permanent break! After all, we don’t want to loose our loved ones ever!

Lets cheer with “T-break” then…

Happy to Hear...

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