celebrAting life

This world is so strange. Going Hindi for few of the below lines…

koi hamare andar dunia dhundhta he, lekin hamari dunia koi aur hi hoti he,
jis me hum dunia dekhte he, aur uski dunia hum nai hote..

kabhi kabhi koi hame achha lagta he, chahe usne hamare lie kuchh nai kiya,
kabhi kabhi koi puri life kuch bhi karta rahe, hame vo achhaa hi nai lagta!

jab tak sab sath me hote he,hum kisi na kisi ko to ingnore karte hi he,
kabhi kabhi hamara sath sirf vohi deta he jis ko humne ingore kiya hota he..

kabhi kabhi hum kitni bhi galtiya kare , sala koi kuchh nahi bolta, jese sab achha hi lagta he..
aur jab hume ye galtiya karne ki aadat pad jati he to vohi hamari galtiya nikalte he.

Life is so practical na, sab bolte he dil se jia kar dil se socha kar,
but life usi time dhire se aake bolti he, wait darling wait..
yahi log tuje ek din aake practical bana ke jayenge..

Kabhi kabhi koi apna bhi apna nai lagta,
kabhi paraya apno se zyada lagta he.
fir life bolti he wait darling wait…
yahi tuje apno aur parayo ka fark samja ke jayega 🙂

and the reply is…

I may be wrong in expressing,
I may be wrong in understanding,
I may be wrong in showing care,
I may be wrong in explaining….
but my feelings, my intentions will never be…!

So let’s accept, its really difficult (almost impossible) to always be perfect in our life, to be perfect for any relation, to be perfect for anyone or anything! Somewhere, sometimes, we miss the expectations of our loved ones, knowingly or unknowingly!image source -

What to do to make them happy?’ How to show them our love? How many times we prove our relations? Need to express the feelings all the time? Need to clarify yourself always just to save the relations? – the maze of love!

Stop, let’s think, do we have any answers for all these situations of life? Do we perform best always?  – The answer is probably NO!!

Even if we try best to perform well in any relation, the other person may understand and may not. Sometimes, it happens that we try to make them understand, we try to show some care, love for them, and eventually we make the relations more complex and adverse! Then comes ‘hurt’, ‘cheating’, ‘misunderstanding’ and many more such ugly terms in the picture!!

The more we think of the relations, the more we get confused, irritating and helpless. So why can’t we leave all these and just focus on enjoying the present? Many a time it’s very difficult, but this is the key to happiness. So lets celebrate each of the sweet relation which is for us, from us!!

Celebrations! (kind of sweets like cadbury celebrations!) The word itself brings joy in heart, mind and soul! Fortunately, in India, there is a crowd of such jovial people who believe in celebrations of ‘anything’! This ‘anything’ can be really anything, crazy!

Don’t stop yourself. When I was a child I was shy unlike today’s generations. I remember I missed lots of sweet celebrations of those times! Simply, if we want to make our day special, celebrate it, celebrate the moments, your day and so the life!

Celebrate it in your terms, your way and chase the life always. In all of these celebrations, our closed ones act like catalysts especially friends.

Wherever you are in this world, one friend will be there for you to help you, support you, scold you or to pamper you, always! The unique form of love & care which is always majestic than any of the LOVE in this world. The understanding and trust make the relationship perfect, smoother and marvelous! To celebrate the life, we always need a good, loving and caring friend!

Happy friendship day to my all sweet, loving friends and hope, FRIENDS always be there for me & for you!


3 thoughts on “celebrAting life

  1. I can relate my self to this post very well and i think this is for all the people who live “Dil se”..really nice writing i must say…greatly impress by the writing.

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