the lAst hour

Girls, how important is the last day at your office?

When you resign and its your last hour at office, how does that feel?

Yeah, I admit that I thought a lot before resigning with any organization so far, its true that I was feeling sad! We women think emotionally most of the times and hence it may sometimes not a “good feeling” for us to leave current job, whatever the reason may be.

It may not be the case always when we would be grabbing some better opportunity or we are just frustrated and thus  happy to leave the current job?! Despite of all these odds in our job, sometimes, we feel discomfort leaving the job! After all, salaries do ride on our mind but not the heart!

When its our last day, we encounter a concoction of feelings! If you were the oldest employee of the organization, you must be feeling somewhere desolate, may be along with a pride of carrying an asset of “good relations” in many cases!1462470932_clock

Leaving those managements, meetings, increments, inducements, salaries, documents, fun, mails, chats, lunch, snacks, cutting tea, chocolates, birthday cakes, “my system“, “my place” and lots of things which basically we may not given attention to while we are in the office daily!
Each element of daily routine or office life should affect you in a positive way! For me it was very hard to leave the organization at times. Integrity should be always there no matter wherever you are in the world. After all, only your work speaks louder than words!

In my case, while leaving the job, I drafted an email to my Boss and busted out my feelings of not feeling good or I do feel as a part of the company. Well, I believe that its always good (including health benefits!) to show and express your feelings.

From every small piece on the desk to the relations with the management/organization, everything does matter. I observed some unlucky career women, where they have to be prepared anytime in life where they have to quit their so called very good packaged job!

Aah, why girls have so many hurdles everywhere call it mentally, physically or professionally in life. I have seen the cases where unfortunately they were forced to leave the reputed or high salaried job, their independence, or their lifestyle at a certain point of time, whatsoever the reason could be.

Unfortunately ‘he‘ can rarely feel or understand this situation that how ‘she‘ feels leaving and sacrificing her job, independent life or colleagues, name and fame or just say own existence! Its also true that many a time, girls themselves do this & sacrifice without any complaint but then every case is not the same! I hope, for every woman, a life partner should be sensible and understand her in terms of all these situations as she can sacrifice almost everything for him just at the cost of being with him!

So back to the question, ‘Is that necessary to hide emotions on your last day at office?’ Depends! Sometimes situations, environment teach us how to behave:) If you join a new company, it takes time to earn the name/position or relations or trust or at least to adjust. I would advise women, to always take each of the matter positively to make yourself and so the others happy. Enjoy every simplest moment of your work life and entire career!

P.S. Ladies, don’t forget, there are some people behind you who also don’t feel good while you are leaving them:p so just be Proud, Cheers and stAy speciAl!

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