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What blinks in your mind when you hear a word “Nonstop”?

First think for few minutes about the question and then read further. For me when I hear this, the first word appearing in my mind is “Life!”

Yes, the life is always nonstop, like a clock, like a cycle of calendar! As we talk about routines, we know that everything is usually nonstop. As its said life moves on…

We live & leave school life, college life, sometimes love & marriage life and also breakups, children, jobs, business, our hobbies, classes etc!! During these phases, we come across many people and situations. Many of us overcome all of these and some just live with them or some are forced to. Some might had bad experiences and some carrying good.

Even if we loose someone nearest or dearest, life will not stop for us or for anyone! Once we live in “present”, we either feel that its the “best” or that life can be better than this.

What kind of thoughts you have for your present? Good/best or bad/worst or none of it and you just live it because its life and you have to pass or live it? Aah the LAST option is seriously bad option. Dear, just think once, what you really want? Is this the job/business you wanted to do? Is this the life you opted? If the answers are in “yes” then consider this as best part of your life, if its not then just change it.  As Billy Joel said,

If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.1462816335_1-09

Job is a very usual example. When we are in this phase to earn wages, we are almost strictly bound to the time! We have to follow terms or schedules. Its no wonder that we follow all of it specifically, sometimes for long life span! Obviously we have to, as its our basic need. We run and run whole life behind job/duties, money, career, success and so on. We don’t want to stop or rather we cant! Meanwhile we may ignore some friends, people around us, we compromise with family life or our loved ones, we avoid our hobbies or so called our own dreams!

Sometimes I wonder really that do we run our life or life runs us! Crazy!

All we can do is, dedicating some time for ourselves against all the stuff, stealing time for our family or dearest ones.

Learn to Donate some time for yourself and your family

It can make us feel relaxed in this hustle and bustle of life! An individual usually acquires negative attitude when he/she is not really enjoying his/her life or career, thus its always better to choose your work wisely and practically:)

We know that when we change a job/city or country, its exciting and at the same time its difficult to survive in the beginning or to adjust with the people and surroundings out there. Moreover, we should also recall the fact that nothing is permanent and shouldn’t be! We have to embrace every single change and keep on moving ahead. Time management plays a very critical role in our life. You just need to win against “Time” and life will be all yours!  When asked, “How the day passed?” who remembers this at the end of the day?

Be organized and lets run nonstop…!


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