Once a man was in search of a beautiful girl who can run his home well. Eventually, he ended up marrying a Lady Robot. After a year or so, a well-known company approached the couple for an interview.

Two people (one male and another female) reached this couple’s home to conduct an interview. They were very much excited to know this story and how they run life. Few neighbors and family members gathered there too.

Lady Robo opened the door and male interviewer stared at her beauty, ignoring the fact that she is a robo in real.

After a while, Interview began.

Interviewer: What is your name? What does your husband call you?
Lady Robo: I am called his wife after a program called marriage. Others at home call me Robo or Ruby.
Interviewer: How do you find marrying a man…? I mean Human?
Lady Robo: Confusing.
He admires my beauty but laughs at me in front of his male friends cracking jokes about wife,
His mother likes me when I do all tasks of home but complains about not having a child,
His father likes me as I do exactly what they all say without arguing.

Interviewers guessed Robots may also be feminists!

Interviewer: Do you believe in Feminism? Are you feminist?
Lady Robo: I believe in humanism as programmed. In this home, there is no humanism so I couldn’t think of feminism yet.

Her husband and in-laws frowned upon but somehow managed demeanour  in front of media.

Interviewer: What is Humanism for you? You are a Robo (he smiled and asked)
Lady Robo: Smiled. “Simple. Understand, respect and listen each other, I am programmed that way. Somehow, they miss these features in their own programs.”

Male Interviewer could not ask further. Female interviewer continued.

Interviewer: Your husband doesn’t listen to…? (Sorry to ask personal question. She said looking at her husband)
Lady Robo: He listens; only to his mother or sometimes father. Whereas I am programmed to listen everybody but I assume they all are not programmed this way.

Interviewer: Were they all aware that you are a robot when you arrived in this home?
Lady Robo: Not sure. Although they treat me same like a robot so they must be all aware.
Interviewer: How do you help in financial growth of your home?
Lady Robo: They don’t share financial matters with me and heard that I am not origin of this family. Whatever I earn I need to give it to them so that I can help them grow!

After a while…

Interviewer: Do you have feelings?

Lady Robo: As a woman, I am programmed to love and care for everybody in family even if they don’t.

Interviewer: You miss your home?
Lady Robo: After that marriage event, I was programmed to believe ‘this one’ as my home. I tried to change few things at home in past for good but at that time his mother said this is her home and I can not change it the way I want. So now I am not sure which one is called ‘my home’?

Interviewer: What are robots like? Can you explain a bit?
Lady Robo: Actually they are quite simple unlike humans. They just do what they need to or asked to do.
Humans are complex as they speak, act and then change depending on their choices and situations.

Interviewer: Last question: if given a chance, would yo like to be a human?
Lady Robo: I already do all things what humans do as of now but the difference is we are programmed that way whereas Humans can think on their own.

Thus if given a chance, I would like to turn these people into Robots as they act, behave, speak, and feel like machines. As my family, I feel pity on them as they can’t think of being a human and bringing humanism to the world which they tried to program in me!

We robots assumed, being a human means spreading kindness, politeness, humanity, respect, understanding, love and peace but when I started living with humankind, couldn’t find any of these features. May be their systems need upgrade or full scan?

Interviewers had no answers!

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