stop tAgging

Planet Venus:

All females are happy on this planet. They are living a different life which is so beautiful without stress and pains. There are no males on this planet. Venus is a sign of love and beauty. All females get equal education here. They are far advanced in technologies.

One day, master of all females there announced. image source -
“All you ladies, listen to me very carefully. Your studies are over now and you all will be given an assignment as a final project.”

G1 (girl one) asked “what type of project master?”

Master: You all have to go to other planets and study their lives there. You need to study life cycle of a woman on your given planet and then find a way to help them by designing a new software/technology which can help them solve their problems.

Thus G1 was sent to Planet Earth, G2 was sent to Planet Saturn and so on. G1 was so excited that how girls on this planet live their lives. Feelings, care, love, romance everything is so interesting, she felt. She has all super powers as she is the most intelligent girl among all Venusians.

She landed there as a new born baby in a family. To her surprise, she was killed right there! She was shocked and went back to Venus to meet her master.

G1: Master, they killed me as I was born there as a girl child and they wanted a boy child!
Master: My child, on Earth its quite difficult to be a girl! Go there as a teenage directly.

She then landed there as a young beautiful girl. She got attention of all boys around her sooner. She liked these new mushy warm feelings developing inside her heart. She enjoyed there and learned various things, went to college-classes, formed friendships. She observed people using mobiles here and so she created a similar instrument for herself. Then she observed people using social media all the day. She also learned to use all of them. She connected with her Master one day, with a special device she had, to talk about the things on Earth.

G1: Master, people are so nice here. I have some male friends too and its a new experience for me.
Master: Good that you are liking everything but beware of people there and Mobile devices too, they may be addictive.
G1: Are they dangerous to us?
Master: They can be. You will learn gradually but tell me what else you observed.
G1: They have huge network as social media to connect to one another. They have ‘Tag system’ everywhere like hashtags, tags on posts etc. Hence one person tags  someone to show something or even to criticize someone on something. Its interesting system, I think.

After few months she again connected to her Master but this time she was little upset. image source -

Master: What happened my child, why you look so gloomy as never before?
G1: Master, you remember I told you about tag system here?
Master: Yes absolutely!

“Some of my own friends tagged me as an “arrogant” as I was very quite and not aware of whom to interact with. Then I learned to talk and communicate, being friendly and being more social with them. But then they tagged me from “forward mindset” to “characterless” sometimes and few of them even stopped talking to me saying that I talk to and hangout with anybody! Isn’t it a good quality? I’m confused now.

Master: I see…but this can be usual human mentality on the Earth.
G1: I am no more willing to stay here now as I worked hard to understand them but they keep on changing their own words and views.
Master: You have to unless you finish the project. Do one thing, turn yourself into a wife or a mother now and see if it turns out t be a better experience for you.

Later, unwillingly, the venusian girl transformed in to a woman as a mother in some family. She again learned all household chores as a mother and an art of sacrificing herself for her kid. She took care of a family and her husband. She enjoyed doing everything as a wife and a mother. She used to be very busy in this phase.

Few months later, she realized she is not happy again. She connected with her master.

G1: Master, I am tired now. I realized these Earthlings use tagging system in their lives like they do in social medias!
Master: Don’t worry girl, you can learn from it and solve it as you carry all the experiences of a woman there.
G1: This time they tagged me as “typical”, “boring”, and so on. Whereas I was the most busy in this phase, I  had been tagged as “just a housewife” who doesn’t earn and thus have lesser value at home compared to her earning husband!

Disappointed girl now focused towards her goal. She left all friends and family she belonged to on the earth. She recalled and noted down all behavioral patterns, words,tags, people used. She drafted a life cycle of a woman.

Girl (beautiful, innocent, sensitive) -> Woman (hard working, caring, loving) -> Lady (steal hearten, strong, emotionally detached)

Finally she designed a software from which she was able to check/un-check options in life. Observing from Facebook, she created one option for her life on the earth and check marked it.
. Prevent tagging from males

Later she countered a tragedy that there were many other tags from women too! Again disappointed and frustrated, she changed the option as
. Prevent tagging from everyone

Eventually, she is happy, independent, not concerned about others and what others tag her, think about her or do with her! But then she is quite detached, most of the times isolated. She is now focused only for her career rather than relations and hence is on the top of success tower.

This time people could affect her with their various tags – for what she missed doing, for what she looks like, if she was not compassionate enough, she is an independent earning single woman, she is not yet married, she is partying alone, outrageous,  and blah blah blah…!

Ultimately, she was delighted to return to Venus after completion of this innovation than being on Earth!

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