feminist mAles

Yes, you read it right! I’ve, in fact, we all must have came across Feminist Males! Lets see a dummy case study:

Scene 1:
Ana:Sean, I am getting late for the day, can I complete this tomorrow if possible, please?”
Ana requested her manager Sean to let her go home as it was already 8:00pm in the clock and she was late by 1 hour for the day in office.

Sean:Ana, I understand its late but we have to complete this task by today itself as per our deadline!”
Ana: “Actually, I am not feeling well so may not be able to work even… and I will try to come early tomorrow and make sure to complete this at the earliest.” She tried to convince him more.

Sean: “But tomorrow end of the day, our project will be released to our clients and we can not take a risk to complete it tomorrow morning? What if you won’t be able to finish up at given time?” He argued further.

Ana: “I am sure, I will complete. The reason is this task will need at least one more hour to complete and its too late for the day.” She almost pleaded.

The arguments continued for a while. She had to stay for one more hour and the task was complete (may be unhappily or forcefully) but there was another issue from the system due to which they could not upload it to make it live. After so many attempts, they agreed to upload it on server next morning.

Eventually, the work was completed without the quality expected from both ends!

Scene 2:
After a long working day, Sean reached home. It was the same busy, frustrating or hectic day for Sean as it was for Ana. He freshened up and finally after 30 minutes, he called up his wife who was late too.

Sean: “When are you coming home Riya” He rang to his wife and asked.
Riya: “Give me 15 min, I will leave soon. It was very important project so I had to stay honey. Coming soon.” She replied hastily and hung up.

Sean passed some time watching TV, then internet and so on. It was almost 30 minutes after the call. His wife wasn’t home yet. Now he was tired and hungry too. He tried to call her once more. She could not answer his calls twice. He was furious! After next 20 minutes, his wife reached.

Ana: “Sorry honey, I was on the way so couldn’t answer your calls…” she started explaining before he asked, rushing rapidly towards kitchen to arrange dinner.
Sean: “Why is it so late?” He didn’t hear her further and started his very obvious round of questions.

“This happens frequently! Why only you stay late and not other females there? Don’t you consider the importance of work life balance? You could have requested to your boss! Was the work so much urgent? Females can have that liberty to go home earlier(!?)” and bla bla blah!

He questioned, she answered. He argued, she explained. Riya was equally longing for some warm words when reached home. She was equally tired too but at the same time wanted to spend little good time with Sean on dinner. She compromised. She understood and tackled the situation wisely.

Similarly, it could be the case with Ana or may be worse than this?
Who’s fault it was then? Who was responsible?

Circumstances. What was right for one was not the same for other! Different levels of understanding.

If we notice Sean, he had suddenly shown his side of supporting feminism for his wife, which was not the case with Ana at office! These are some feminist males who usually support feminism depending on situations! Of course there are such females (mostly in-laws!) too who do not support other females at right time. Be honest to yourself. Seek the truth and justice always.

It is not just the case for Ana, but for all those working women who try to manage work-life balance; families, society, spouse, kids and so many other things, you name it! Isn’t it so usual and obvious for all women now a days?! In both above cases, females had to suffer whether it was a personal life or a professional life! She has to answer everywhere. She has to fight to prove herself right. Ultimately men, willingly or unwillingly, want women to do what they like or what they think is right and not what she desires or deserves! Really?!

Moreover, those women who do not want to be ruled by anyone in her life prefers staying alone in most of the cases and we all know how they are criticized too! Sometimes, it seems these men or society are really confused about what they want in woman. They have a special degree to criticize her anyway.

Isn’t it so enough now? Even we females are fed up of waving feminism flags everywhere! Both the genders need to respect and understand each other equally.  Simple! Both are eventually human!

If understanding works between people, there is no need of any feminism.

Sometimes, we keep on complaining about small things and forget to cherish what we have.

As I always say, the most we require is just humanism

2 thoughts on “feminist mAles

  1. I’m gonna say after a long long time I have read something meaningfully and sensible. Work life balance is too hard to maintain these days and who makes it harder? Some juvenile pigs who don’t have family lives.
    Anyways hope world will be a better place tomorrow.

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