finding plAceholder

As a web developer, we always wonder what to use as a placeholder while developing a demo site. While creating a markup, creating a demo layout or site, simple blog or anything for which we do not want to use actual images, we look for placeholder images or simply placeholders.

Here I’ve got some good list of sites which provide fantastic placeholders and that’s very easy to use.

  1. unsplash.it  – My favorite one. I use this often. This is easy to use. Just copy and paste the given URLs of images. This provides wide range of nice images which we can use as per required dimensions. It also provides grey-scale mode option as well as other options to modify the images on the fly, simply by copying the URL again. This also gives liberty to use a fixed pre listed  image from its library as well as the random ones. Refer the site for more idea.
    UPDATE: This site is now revamped as https://picsum.photos/
  2. placeholder.com   –  Simple gray placeholders. See the site for more information.
  3. lorempixel.com  – Graphics type placeholder images. You can even generate desired size of the placeholder image here. Little drawback though, its buggy and browser hangs up when I try to use this, most of the times:(
  4. placeimg.com  – Generate placeholders but you need to download the generated images unlike above two where you can directly use them via a given URL.

There are many others but these ones are the best of them all, at least for me. These sites or placeholders are really useful especially when we do not want to download/store images as placeholders all the times to save some space.

If you have got any better option than these, please post it here in comments. Thanks!


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