grAtitude is Attitude

A simple but powerful formula of being happy is “Gratitude should be attitude!”

I recently discussed in one of my post about that ‘someday‘ which we all wait for, for almost our entire life. Similarly, we also wait to express our gratitude. We may wait for that ‘someday’ to come and then express gratitude towards it. Whatever the goal we may have in life, is it the only thing we should be grateful for, once we achieve it? NO! There are certain things we already have or achieved but we either took them for granted or completely forgotten or ignored!

We assume that “I will be happy once I be rich” or “when I get my dream job” or “when I will buy this car/mobile/house/watch or xyz thing” or when this or that happens” and such myriad of beliefs or thoughts which thwart us from living in present and being grateful about small things. Being happy is not that difficult my friend. You or I or anyone can be happy right now at this moment. We need not to wait for that ‘someday’ to feel joyous! Just look around and start counting on things you already possess right now. Things need not to be materials always; they can be just your emotions, relationships or health! If you are not suffering from any disease, be grateful for that, you never know how it feels being a cancer patient! If you at least have a job, be happy about it as people are depressed due to unemployment. If you eat whatever you want, just be grateful as someone somewhere in the world might not even get bread even once a day!

Remember, life is a series of small moments. If you do not enjoy your present, there is no guarantee that you will be enjoying it later based on your so and so conditions or achievements. Cultivate a habit to be grateful to God each day for gifting this beautiful life. Thank your mom or dad or spouse for whatever they did for you till date without expectations! Feeling placate and cheerful is first step towards successful future in terms of emotional, physical and mental health which is directly proportional to any victory in the world. If you feel good, you do good and so good comes back to you:) Feeling good starts with being grateful so focus on tiny content around you and initiate the pleasure, satisfaction in you. Garner some joy from daily routines, peoples and things you do, no matter where you are or what problems you have, which eventually allows our brain to be trained towards affirmation.

Keep calm, be humble, wear a smile and think positive.


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