life hAcks from web browsers

As a web developer, 70% of my day is spent with browsers, computers and internet world. Today, I just wondered how coherently I can apply these life hacks from the features of web browsers I use:)

  • Delete history = Delete/Forget your unfavorable past and move on.
  • Clear cache = Clear your mind from thinking about same problems everyday or things which are not in your control. Avoid over thinking.
  • Refresh = Do something you love to refresh yourself.
  • Close Tabs (ctrl + W) = Close/Remove unnecessary chapters/people from your life and focus on true ones which really matter.
  • Private Browsing = Keep your personal affairs private, out of social medias.
  • Home button; When installed, browser always has Home button! = Family should be the first priority.
  • Bookmark = Remember those who are your well wishers and love you unconditionally.
  • Back and Forward buttons = Look back in life to learn from your mistakes and look forward to shape the better future.
  • The viewport = Internal beauty (code) reflects the outer beauty (visible area).

You may find difficult people (like IE browser:)) in all walks of life but find special hacks to fix or simply ignore them, after all, they have to upgrade themselves some day! When frustrated or disappointed due to such situations or people, count on ‘positives’ and such like-minded friends (all evergreen browsers – FF, Safari, Chrome etc) which overweigh the ‘negatives’ in life!

Interesting? Post in comments if you find something more from these browsers! Happy browsing:)


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