4 Antidotes

In our childhood, parents assure that we are properly vaccinated to avoid any evil diseases in future and live life hale and hearty. Similarly I wish if people were born with pee-owned mental or emotional antidotes, what the world would have been?! The four basic virtues which are necessary to live happy and healthy life are B.J.P.H.

1. Balance

We all might have heard an adage since school days, balance is the key or anything excess is poison. How truly these convey a meaning  to life! Humans are sometimes, by choice, tend to achieve or do excess than what is desired. Did you notice ever, when you overload yourself how many problems you invite, not just mental but even physical. Starting from insomnia it will expand to depression,  obesity or heart diseases. I believe it is best to set your limits and organize according to priorities rather than achieving something by doing anything in excess whether it is overloading yourself by amount of work, over thinking or overeating on something and someone! Balance your health, wealth and thoughts well.

2. Justice

Stay with the truth, no matter what. It’s not only about justifying others but also about ourselves. How well you justify your soul against yourself? As it says, accepting injustice is almost as bad as doing injustice. I’ve observed people who wear flawless facade in public masking their real selves or those who know the truth but act well-being oblivious. This applies to each small matter as well as every relationship. Some hide their emotions in love being afraid of loosing his/her friendship and hence losing a great life partner sometimes. Students tend to hide grades from parents. Politicians – politics, dear ones – relations, students and teachers, spouse – trust, friends – understanding, employees – integrity; ask any of these and I am sure they hide or lie or do not justify themselves at some point. When we start accepting and acting on truth for ourselves and with others, we gain the intellectual satisfaction which leads to greatest happiness.

3. Peace

It is important to live in peace, to avoid unnecessary clashes, especially with loved ones. Think about the larger part of life rather than small issues. Try to resolve matters peacefully instead of fighting against it or being angry and unhappy about something. Remember, you can not change the people’s mentality. Do not hold off things which are not in your control. Let it be and let it go! Things will change, time will change. We can not always control the world hence take the life easy. Find positivity everywhere. Be with vibrant people. Meditate. Forget and forgive. Maintain peace in mind, body and soul.

4. Harmony

Harmony with yourself and others is also a vital part of happiness. As I always say, do good and good comes back to you for sure. Help others. Learn to say ‘No’ when required. Do not do something which your heart denies or think is wrong. Appreciate more. Each human being is an asset, respect others and spread love. Have faith and compassion. Just don’t forget to smile, as much as you can!


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