i understAnd!

I should be dressed properly, dead loss may be a result otherwise;
After all, world outside is not so safe; I understand!

I should know when, how and what to speak, I would look uncouth otherwise;
After all, girls should talk less, being cultured; I understand!

I should study but learn cooking well; who would marry me otherwise;
After all, it will be my duty to be a superwoman later; I understand!

I’m in my 20s so should get married; I won’t get a good partner otherwise;
After all, what I need to earn for; I understand!

I’m in my 30s so should be a mother; I won’t be a ‘complete’ otherwise;
After all, girl has to be a ‘woman’ someday; I understand!

I should be kind, compassionate, loving, caring all rolled into one; relationships may end up otherwise;
After all, I am born to please everyone; I understand!

I should flawlessly manage work, home, family, kids and so on; I would not prove myself perfect otherwise;
After all, every other woman does this; I understand!

Where should it end then; I would thus have freedom to not understand the understandings;
After all, I’m a human being and not a perfection machine!

And this is what, I actually DO NOT understand!



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