sociAl mediA spies

According to global surveys social media is the fastest growing network across the world. There’s no doubt that every one of us use social media almost daily. People spend 3-5 hours a day on various social medias or just internet via laptop or smart phones.

We all are very well aware about this fact and its good at certain extent when internet is used for positive or useful purposes. There are brands and advertising companies, there are corporate businesses and professionals or freelancers. Everyone needs social media for professional and/or personal use.

The story here is about those who are also one of these but attempt to never be in limelight. Whats there to hide in this?! Some users like to scroll through social media platforms and just check it randomly. Many of them use social media just to know what their friends/relatives are doing. That’s not it! Okay..that’s also fine.. may be when their intentions are neutral.

But the most interesting people are those who like to be secret agents of social medias! They are not spies by profession but by nature.

Well, I’m not talking about stroller or stalkers here. Instead these special spies are a group of people who would like to see every post of yours but would never comment/like or publish anything on their own. If the posts are informative, they may see it/read it but would never appreciate it even if they loved it. I really don’t mind with them as it’s totally an individual’s choice but then we all know that only few are honest on such networks. We all are used to these situations now. I came across such secret people many times who fear(!?) to comment anything in public but would not miss a chance to say the same thing by personal conversations! They may initiate chats this way for praising and complimenting you. I feel such people are really introvert? or don’t know how to use social media? or are just secret agents? or just nothing less than an ignorant? Well, whatever it is but I call them secret agents:)

Well, we still accept this behavior most of the times, because we are habituated to not get appreciated for something or someone in public, by our professional experiences of course:p
Though it implies to all fields of life. The irony is we simply like to praise in secret and scold in public!

The hammering was when I came to know that these spies comment-taunt other good people or well wishers or simply your friends that they are following you. They go and taunt them bluntly that ‘Ahh, I know you follow her/him’ or ‘you like/comment each of her/his post!’ LOL! Seriously? They themselves don’t want to do anything but they really observe who’s that good fellow who comments/likes your every post:)! Ridiculous.

In this case, I guess, you don’t need your dad or spouse to keep an eye on your social media activity?:) There must be some spies around to track your information out there!! I appreciate their dedication to social media activities and take time to inform those who regularly comment/like on your posts so that these good people may stop wasting their time and stop commenting or liking your posts in future, lol:p


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