I am a simple, fun loving, foodie who as a professional transform ideas into digital interfaces and as a blogger manifest feelings into words. What began as writing a personal diary gradually moved to short fiction stories, later evolving into blogs that reflected real time experiences. I firmly believes ‘balance is the key to life’. A definition of LIFE for me is Live It Fully Every Moment.

The three non living things I love the most are:

Coffee, Music and Art

  • A cold coffee with long talk sessions can make my day.
  • Music in any form like dance, party or a favorite playlist at a quiet place or while driving is a stress buster.
  • Art is all time favorite job. It can be drawing, making best of waste, creativity in any forms, photography or editing, delicious food items and so many. basically everything is just art.

Look at what My stars say about me which is a perfect description as a Libran.