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life hAcks from web browsers

As a web developer, 70% of my day is spent with browsers, computers and internet world. Today, I just wondered how coherently I can apply these life hacks from the features of web browsers I use:) Delete history = Delete/Forget your unfavorable past and move on. Clear cache = Clear your mind from thinking about… Continue reading life hAcks from web browsers


finding plAceholder

As a web developer, we always wonder what to use as a placeholder while developing a demo site. While creating a markup, creating a demo layout or site, simple blog or anything for which we do not want to use actual images, we look for placeholder images or simply placeholders. Here I’ve got some good… Continue reading finding plAceholder


Free UI App – Gravit

I have googled a lot for finding a better UI design app which is free as well as online. I came across many such apps which are quite effective but always with bunch of limitations where I had to stop my creativity. I believe there is no alternative to Adobe Photoshop though. Personally I love… Continue reading Free UI App – Gravit


MCP 70-480 Exam

A good beginning of a New Year! It is always good to appear for the professional certification Exams. Recently I have cleared one for ‘Programming with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript’ Here I have shared some quick steps for those who like to appear for these exams. How to register? 1. You need to register first for the… Continue reading MCP 70-480 Exam



I know we didn’t even started profoundly with HTML5. This is just a visualization for advanced and more semantic HTML. I imagined that version in some near future, quite funny but not impossible. May be few years later, we may see this. 1. Updated <img> tag Traditional images need to zoom out without help of any… Continue reading HTML10


HTML5 bookmarks

Below are really good sites to refer about HTML5.


3d models

Searching for nice 3d models?? I found this site and it may help you out. Click here to get some cool 3d models. Another one is : Top-30-sites-to-download-free-3d-models Related Articles Browser-based 3D modeling ( Design 3D Models on Your IPad With Verto Studio 3D ( Get a mini figure of yourself with Sculpteo (