unnAmed book

I opened my new book. It is bizarre with no title and blank cover! As I open it, I see the first page which says “Q: What is enough to get married to someone?” That’s it! I turned the page and another page reads “A: LOVE” Next few pages are blank. On page no. 7,… Continue reading unnAmed book

InTech · rAndom

life hAcks from web browsers

As a web developer, 70% of my day is spent with browsers, computers and internet world. Today, I just wondered how coherently I can apply these life hacks from the features of web browsers I use:) Delete history = Delete/Forget your unfavorable past and move on. Clear cache = Clear your mind from thinking about… Continue reading life hAcks from web browsers


tips for gAls

I’ve got some hot tips for girls, worth to follow 🙂 Don’t cry for boys please when they don’t deserve! Get a super awesome coffee mug and use it daily. Love for coffee will always work:) Never buy cheap jeans or lingerie. Buy cheap tops if you need to. Wear flats and flip flops to… Continue reading tips for gAls



What a topic! Before you think, let me clarify, I am not talking about TEA break! Its T-break! T break stands for “Temporary BREAKup”! This term in itself is quite interesting like hot Tea sips! I think most of us passed though these situations! Its all about various small fights we have with friends, family… Continue reading T-breAk


vAlentine speciAl

Writing after a long time! I loved one recent TV ad for 7Up which made me cheerful! It’s Hindi version is like below: Muh latkake sitting sitting, Kya rakha he nothing, nothing.. kya he jo he missing missing, Thodi masti taht is the thing, I feel up up up, Refresh your heart & feeeeeeeel up…!!… Continue reading vAlentine speciAl


kolAveri di new versions…

Here are some other lyric versions for this super hit song, not written by me!! IT version: I sing a song… Error song… Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di… … Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di… Code correct…. repository pls…. Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di… Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di… White-u skin-u client-u… Continue reading kolAveri di new versions…


y this kolAveri di…

This is so funny song! Believe me, you’re gonna smile while listening to the song. Thanks to this song lyricist, all people who participated in making the song so pleasant, funny! Love the footstep music beats of it.) Usually I avoid listening to sad lyrics, but I couldn’t resist on this! I would like to… Continue reading y this kolAveri di…