feminist mAles

Yes, you read it right! I’ve, in fact, we all must have came across Feminist Males! Lets see a dummy case study: Scene 1: Ana: “Sean, I am getting late for the day, can I complete this tomorrow if possible, please?” Ana requested her manager Sean to let her go home as it was already… Continue reading feminist mAles


stop tAgging

Planet Venus: All females are happy on this planet. They are living a different life which is so beautiful without stress and pains. There are no males on this planet. Venus is a sign of love and beauty. All females get equal education here. They are far advanced in technologies. One day, master of all… Continue reading stop tAgging



Once a man was in search of a beautiful girl who can run his home well. Eventually, he ended up marrying a Lady Robot. After a year or so, a well-known company approached the couple for an interview. Two people (one male and another female) reached this couple’s home to conduct an interview. They were… Continue reading humAnism


Free UI App – Gravit

I have googled a lot for finding a better UI design app which is free as well as online. I came across many such apps which are quite effective but always with bunch of limitations where I had to stop my creativity. I believe there is no alternative to Adobe Photoshop though. Personally I love… Continue reading Free UI App – Gravit


tips for gAls

I’ve got some hot tips for girls, worth to follow 🙂 Don’t cry for boys please when they don’t deserve! Get a super awesome coffee mug and use it daily. Love for coffee will always work:) Never buy cheap jeans or lingerie. Buy cheap tops if you need to. Wear flats and flip flops to… Continue reading tips for gAls



Piles of articles, blogs, treasures of movies, epic stories and what not! Many things out there to  intimate the meaning of true love and marriage! In reality, there is no defined strategy for a happy marriage life or “happy life”:) Believe me “everything depends on our perception”. How we take the problems and how we… Continue reading Aimez-vous



What blinks in your mind when you hear a word “Nonstop”? First think for few minutes about the question and then read further. For me when I hear this, the first word appearing in my mind is “Life!” Yes, the life is always nonstop, like a clock, like a cycle of the calendar! As we… Continue reading nonstop