my stArs


I found this interesting to tell you about my sunshine (Libra) which describes me perfectly!

People born under this star are blessed with a beautiful countenance, love, jewelery and fine clothing. They are blessed with a happy disposition and pleasing demeanor. This star is synonymous with unrest and excitability. Very stubborn, they stand by their decisions. They love music and literature, and are considered Jack of all trades. They can also be obsessive about cleanliness.

Your fortune is too powerful for anyone to affect it negatively. Stick to your task and dig into your imagination to find a way around the blips. Your ability to think out-of-the-box will perplex your perpetrator.

Libra is among the most sociable of the signs. You respond to situations gracefully as Librans attempt to put others at ease. Artistically, Librans tries to balance form, content, colors and elements, and this is the reason Librans can be drawn towards creative endeavors. The greatest act of balancing is between self and others. Champion in the realm of interpersonal relationships, they make a charming hostess. Librans are good at sensing what others might ask for. You give priority to the needs of others. Librans go back and forth between the extremes until a solution is negotiated. The innate sense of cause and effect makes the Librans effective as strategists. Whether it’s playing chess, relationship counseling or civic planning, you know how to be effective while staying in the middle of the road. Your easygoing attitude can be useful for you and others as well, but remember that your needs cannot go completely unfulfilled or you won’t have anything to give to others.

Libra Key Planet: Venus

Venus, the planet of love and desire, reigns in romance and beauty. But it is not all about bodily love but also symbolizes ideal love. Venus is present in every beautiful painting or art. As the main planet of Libra, Venus is about the perception of beauty as ideal. She is the proper blend of colors, the right mix of music or the perfect poetic description of love.

Libra Strength: Your grace and charisma when helping others is your forte.


If you wish, read more here about my professional personality. This was an interesting test, it defines your personality with a pre-defined code (mine is ENFJ) and lists all description about each of your traits. Go and test your personality, it’s cool.

Thanks for taking time to read this.


9 thoughts on “my stArs

  1. Hi archi

    i totally agreed on your horoscope report, even i was aware the same about you as you are watching world as sweet dream and enjoying.

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