unnAmed book

I opened my new book. It is bizarre with no title and blank cover! As I open it, I see the first page which says “Q: What is enough to get married to someone?” That’s it! I turned the page and another page reads “A: LOVE” Next few pages are blank. On page no. 7,… Continue reading unnAmed book

InTech · rAndom

life hAcks from web browsers

As a web developer, 70% of my day is spent with browsers, computers and internet world. Today, I just wondered how coherently I can apply these life hacks from the features of web browsers I use:) Delete history = Delete/Forget your unfavorable past and move on. Clear cache = Clear your mind from thinking about… Continue reading life hAcks from web browsers

petAls · white collAr world

A new me

YES, I AM CHANGING! Days slip into weeks, weeks turn into months and months transform into years. Calendars are changing and so am I. Yes, I am changing. In certain things age has mellowed me down, in others I have become more aggressive. Sometimes I find myself acting very wise and sometimes I just go… Continue reading A new me


grAtitude is Attitude

A simple but powerful formula of being happy is “Gratitude should be attitude!” I recently discussed in one of my post about that ‘someday‘ which we all wait for, for almost our entire life. Similarly, we also wait to express our gratitude. We may wait for that ‘someday’ to come and then express gratitude towards… Continue reading grAtitude is Attitude


finding plAceholder

As a web developer, we always wonder what to use as a placeholder while developing a demo site. While creating a markup, creating a demo layout or site, simple blog or anything for which we do not want to use actual images, we look for placeholder images or simply placeholders. Here I’ve got some good… Continue reading finding plAceholder



Before I go through above picture, lets recall some of the incidents where we experienced real difficulties due to some past promises or when someone gives more importance to promise than a real situation. Well, promises are good but not without considering real life scenarios and a person’s situation henceforth. People once say something and… Continue reading chAnge


A marriAge deAl

“Enough of question answer round, now it’s the time to put my point.” I thought to interrupt him when he threw 5 consecutive questions in our first meeting. Finally, I started to elaborate my views in front of him. “Hey, I think our choices matched, our likes-dislikes are quite similar. You liked my geniality as… Continue reading A marriAge deAl