sociAl mediA spies

According to global surveys social media is the fastest growing network across the world. There’s no doubt that every one of us use social media almost daily. People spend 3-5 hours a day on various social medias or just internet via laptop or smart phones. We all are very well aware about this fact and… Continue reading sociAl mediA spies


CSS swAg

CSS style(swag) is about CSS in Style! These are some of my cool/funny creations as CSS/Front end creativity and fun. These are all related to Information Technology (IT) world. Web designers/developers can relate to these graphics:) These are only few, find more #I.Toons at If you like them, follow me on Instagram for… Continue reading CSS swAg


void spAce

Once, a man runs away, frustrating from his thoughts. He continues walking unless he reaches a jungle. He walks and walks exploring the jungle. He finds a monk sitting on the rock there. He bows to the monk and asks if he could answer his questions. The monk smiles and listens to him with all… Continue reading void spAce



Unemployment is quite decreasing in India thankfully. Bagging your first job is not so easy. I know many such freshers, who are well settled now but had hard times finding their first job. When we observe people and their stories, we find it surprising sometimes about the way they got their first jobs.  One crowd… Continue reading joblessness


i understAnd!

I should be dressed properly, dead loss may be a result otherwise; After all, world outside is not so safe; I understand! I should know when, how and what to speak, I would look uncouth otherwise; After all, girls should talk less, being cultured; I understand! I should study but learn cooking well; who would… Continue reading i understAnd!


4 Antidotes

In our childhood, parents assure that we are properly vaccinated to avoid any evil diseases in future and live life hale and hearty. Similarly I wish if people were born with pee-owned mental or emotional antidotes, what the world would have been?! The four basic virtues which are necessary to live happy and healthy life… Continue reading 4 Antidotes


unnAmed book

I opened my new book. It is bizarre with no title and blank cover! As I open it, I see the first page which says “Q: What is enough to get married to someone?” That’s it! I turned the page and another page reads “A: LOVE” Next few pages are blank. On page no. 7,… Continue reading unnAmed book