indelible bits

AAhhh..!! Its raining finally. I love the first drizzling rain and the smell of wet clay. Although I always had bad experience during rains, I still cherish the climate!

Its Sunday (yey…no office!), its drizzling outside, I am sitting by a window side in a cozy room, recalling some of the best moments of life!! Feel lucky if you lived these moments really.

Here is a SMALL list…

# A cold coffee in a cafe,

# Feeling butterflies in stomach for someone,

# Riding a bike in drizzling rain with your special one,

# Last day of your exam/working days,

# To wake up and realize, you still have more time to sleep,

# To see an old friend and feel ‘nothing is yet changed’,

# To get a call saying “class/office is canceled”

# When thinking of someone, and get his/her call,

# Long conversations with your loved one standing in front of the mirror,

# Waiting for a call or message of your loved one when you are alone,

# Walking alone at night on the silent road and listening to your favorite music,

# See and touch a new born baby,

# Going for a picnic on last day at college,

# Guzzling Mom’s food (yummy!!)

# Screaming while riding on highway,

# Being loved, pampered by someone you need,

# Achieving your first prize in school/office,

# Talking on phone silently (pretending to others like you are asleep), inside a blanket when its winter,

# Grooming for a special occasion,

# Shopping for a new home or new you,

# Roaming and living a king size life,

# Celebrating the life in your own way (with friends, family or love),

# Taking a break from routine and going for a long tour,

# Surprises by our dear ones,

# Buying your dream stuff,

# Just messing around and doing nothing on weekends,

# Sound sleep whenever you need,

# Watching your old photo album,

# Helping someone in need and feeling content then after,

# unexpected adventures with your besties,

It just feels awesome πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “indelible bits

  1. bt wht if sum1 special is nt vd u,???at dat tym u vl feel lyk “y rain comes??it makes road dirty,and due to it my clothes also dirty…bcoz of that incets grows and harass u…”

    So d rain is goog for those only who have der lovedonce vd dem…otherwise its bad then a regualr day…isn’t it????

  2. may be!! not sure… sometimes depends on our thinking!! Think globally and not personally thats what I can say just to be positive!! πŸ™‚

    1. That’s correct that most of the people may passed by many of these or will pass through these precious moments in their life…

      For me below are not passed yet…
      #7, #8, #12, #14, #15, #17

      But, all are correct! Nice Post! Keep it up πŸ™‚

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