tAlk about food!!

Today in a mood of eating/tasting delicious food…

I love properly coocked food and different tastes in the world. And why not, after all, life is full of tastes! The most favorite food for me is my mom’s made food of course and I love simple food – daily dish more than any super delicious items!

These are the famous food items of Indian States which I wish to taste 🙂

State Special Food
Gujarat Thepla, Dhokla, Handvo
Punjab Makke-di roti, sarso da saag, Dal makhni
Haryana Bajre ki khichdi, assi-chhach
Delhi Chaat, Paratha, Chhole-bhature
Rajasthan Dal-bati, Pyaaz ki kachori
Maharashtra Vadapav, Modak, Shrikhand
Kerala Malabar Parotha
Karnataka Maysore pak, Chiroti
Mizorum Special tea called “zu”


Below are special “My Favorites” in Ahmedabad, India. Just google the name of Restaurant listed here or find on zomato  to redirect to precise locations.

# Panipuri of “Gwalia” at Mansi Circle and “U.P panipurivala” @Drive in Road, near Thaltej.
# Potato wedges, Cold coffee and Toasties – “Midday Munchies” (@Alpha one mall, Vastrapur) but I love these most when prepared by hubby.
# Panir pakoda, Chhole, Malai Kulfi etc – “Gwalia” (@Mansi circle, @Aanand nagar Road)
# Pastries – “Gwalia” & “Kabhib” (many branches)
# Cold coco – “shambhus” at commerce-6-Roads
# Russian Mayo sandwich – “Shakti sandwich” @Prahladnagar Road
# Butter idli – “Sankalp” (@Drivein rd, @Anandnagar rd etc)
# Aaloo paratha – Jassi da dhaba (S.G Highway – turned to a Restaurant now @Anandnagar Road)
# A glass full of Buttermilk at “Kabir” Restaurant @Drivein Road
# Fried mix veg Khichdi – “varudi dhaba” @S.G. Highway, near Gota
# Any Chinese dish – “Jungle Book” Restaurant @Ellisbridge
# Mexican dish – Hum Pum paneer, Shalmargo Rrice – “Bermiz” Restaurant @IIM Road, Panjarapole
# Unlimited Salad and Garlic bread – “US Pizza”
# Thin crust Pizza – strret food @IIM Road
# Sev puri on CG Road Lari, outside Himalaya mall (@Drive in Road)
# MacVeggie and PiriPiri fries, vanilla frappe – “Macdonald”
# Special Veg Pulao – “Honest” Restaurant
# Chocolate shake, Masala Fry vadapav – “Chatkazz” (@Vastrapur, @Anandnagar Road, closed now!)
# Garlic Breads – “Qwiches”
# Icecream – “Havmore”, “Baskin RObbins”, “Happinezz” etc
# Popcorn (all flavors) – R-world, Gandhinagar
# Punjabi dish – “Dellizo” Restaurant @Anandnagar Road
# Aero chocolate shake and so many other flavours, garlic bread  – “Chocolate Room” (many branches)
# Palak Mysor Dosa with cheeze – “Only Dhosa” @vastrapur
# Mocktails – “Trist” Restaurant @SG Highway
# Dalwada – Ambika Lari @Navrangpura
# Gathiya – “Isckon Gathiyarath” @Nehrunagar, S.G Highway or any branch
# Wide varieties of Khaman – Das khaman @Navrangpura
# Cheese club sandwich – “Choice” Restaurant @Nehrunagar, CG Road or any branch
# Daal bati – “Gopi” dhaba @S.G. Highway
# Masala fry omlet and other Egg items – “R,K Egg Eatery” @Vastrapur
# Pineapple shake near Darshan tea stall, @himalaya mall, Drive in Road.
# Masala Tea – “Shivas” @Vastrapur
# Thai Food – “Shanghai” Restaurant @Agora Mall
# Starter – Veg 65 – “440 Banquet & Restaurant” @Acroplos Mall, Thaltej Cross Roads
# Veggie Delight – “Subway”
# Italian cuisine of “Havmore” Restaurant @Prahladnagar Road

#Sizzling brownie of “Sizzling Brownie” @vastrapur

Yummy!!! You can suggest me some best food items too 🙂

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